10 Habits that prevent you from being HAPPY. Change them!

Sometimes life does not smile at us for a moment and we believe that it has been angry with us. The truth is that we are responsible for happiness does not reach our life. If you want the sun to come through your window, you must leave these 10 habits at once.

Concentrate on your life, and not on that of others.

You have everything you need to succeed and achieve your goals, stop criticizing others, that energy you have to concentrate on you.

Stop living with expectations.

Do not think that life is like in movies, stop waiting for the perfect moment for everything. Awake! The moments you do.

If you hate your job, leave it.

Life is too short to live hating everything around us, you have to love what you do regardless of compensation.

Stop hating

Sorry, living with grudges damages your health.

Do not cling to fears and insecurities.

Everything in this life is achieved with effort and dedication, fear is a barrier that will never let you be happy. Run it and come to life!

Seek lasting joy, not momentary.

Material things give momentary happiness, but things that are done with love, are those that endure.

The changes occur little by little.

Do not want everything to fall from the sky overnight, the changes bring results little by little, do not despair.

Do not cling to destructive relationships.

Both friendships and love, value yourself, do not let someone else make you feel less, that's not love.

The physical is not everything.

Sooner or later the beauty goes away, but the soul and the character remain.

Look too hard at the difficulties.

Nothing is easy, but everything is possible. Stop putting pretexts, it is better to risk and fail than to stay with the question for life.

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