30 Powerful photographs and their history. They will make you have mixed feelings

Next we will show you 30 really powerful photographs, since they provoke a feeling inside us.

Putting yourself in the shoes of these people makes you feel a mixture of mixed feelings, from sadness and happiness, to anguish and anger.

1. These parents are still looking for their lost daughter in 1969. They even made a portrait of how they might look today.

2. An Afghan man offering a little tea to the soldiers.

3. During terrible floods caused by the rains in the city of Cuttack in India, in 2011, a hero risked his life to save that of a few baby cats.

4. In 2009, an association went to Jayapura, Papua, to show the use of a condom and thus reduce the problems of sexually transmitted diseases in the country.

6. Greg Cook hugging his beloved dog and friend Coco. This picture was taken in Alabama in 2012, when a tornado ended with hundreds of houses and dozens of lives. Greg thought that Coco had not come out alive until he saw him come out from under the rubble of his destroyed house.

7. The tombs of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband in 1888, Holland.

8. Photo taken in 2011, in Natori, in the Northeast of Japan, when an Earthquake caused a Tsunami that ended the lives of more than 18,000 people. This woman lost everything and started crying outside where her house once was.

9. Protestants place flowers on the shotguns of armed officers.

10. A veteran soldier who participated in World War II finds the tank he handled throughout the war. When he saw him he knelt down and could not hold back the tears, as he reminded him of the dozens of comrades he lost during this difficult moment in the history of the world. The tank became a small monument in a city in Russia.

11. "Espérame Papi", this is how this image taken in 1940 in Canada is called, when soldiers went on a trip to war.

12. This dog is named Leao, who for the second consecutive day was protecting the grave of his beloved owner who had died during a mudslide in Rio de Janeiro.

13. The 29-year-old Hhaing The Yu burst into tears as he saw the remains of the house he once built with his hands. The place of the disaster was in the city of Myanmar, Yangon. The cyclone that hit the country ended the lives of 100,000 people, making it one of the most terrible of recent times.

14. In the commune of St. Jacques, in France, it is common for children to be allowed to smoke since they start walking.

15. This is how the sun rises from Mars.

16. Couple died embracing after the factory where they worked fell apart.

17. Child wanting to raise his alcoholic father.

18. Photo titled "The Falling Man" (The Falling Man), is one of the saddest and emblematic images that remind us of the attack on the Twin Towers in 2001.

19. Zanjeer was a veteran dog who worked for the army in Mumbai. In 1993, it managed to detect 3,329 kg of explosives, 600 Detonators, 249 hand grenades and 6,406 rounds of ammunition. In 2000 he died of natural causes and was buried with honors.

20. Homeless people in New Delhi, India, with the hope of reaching food in a shelter. Their faces say it all.

21. The moment when Terri Gurrola, a soldier who served in Iraq for 7 months, got together with her little daughter at the airport.

22. Firefighter giving water to a small Koala that lived in a wooded region of Australia, which was terribly affected and destroyed by a forest fire.

23. Christian people protecting Muslims by making a human chain to allow them to pray amid the chaos during the protests that killed hundreds of people in Cairo, Egypt during 2011.

24. Moment in which a young man arrives at the place where his beloved brother had just been murdered. His hand on the heart shows the pain he felt at that moment.

24. Russian soldier playing an abandoned piano in Chechnya, 1994.

25. Diego Torquato, 12 years old, could not help but let go of crying while playing at the funeral of his music teacher, who taught him to play the violin.

26. Father and Son recreate the same photo (1949 Vs 2009).

27. This striking photo shows a surgeon who worked 23 hours in a row doing a successful heart transplant. You can see your assistant asleep in the corner of the operating room.

28. Inside the gas chambers in the Auschwitz concentration camps.

29. Child about to die due to malnutrition by taking the hand of a missionary.

30. Father comforting his daughter who could not help but cry when she saw that the wharf that her father had built had been destroyed by a hurricane.

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