The chakas and their way of seeing things.

The movement of Reggaetón took force in Mexico in the last 5 years, and with this came an urban tribe called "Chakas". Among the followers of this movement, which began in highly dangerous neighborhoods of Mexico City and the State of Mexico such as Neza and Ecatepec, are mostly young people ranging from 12 years to 25 years.

They proclaim themselves as people misunderstood by society, since no one understands that they only want to have a group of friends with whom they truly feel identified.

The characteristics of a Chaka.


Tribal, Cumbiaton and Reggaetón are the rhythms that predominate in their parties, which are also characterized by accepting minors who drug themselves with the famous "mona" while they dance.

Your Look

Hair shaved on the sides, painted blond (both in women and men), very delineated eyebrows, powder on the face and gloss on the lips. They use excess gel, caps, sunglasses and net shirts that achieve a good look to attend a party.

Your religion

They are mostly devotees of San Judas Tadeo. Hundreds of them travel every day 28 of each month to thank this saint for all he gives them. I have to say that many of them take advantage of this day to make robberies, drink alcohol, get high and cause conflicts.

Way of communicating and identity in Social Networks.

There are those who do not accept the Chakas because of their way of communicating with people, since all the time they say foul language even when there are children near them. Therefore, they themselves cause society to move them away from their circle.

It is common that in Social Networks the girls put on Nickname: PriNcEzCiTaA ChKiTaA or mOoOnITa_ChIkiiita. Each member of a group of Chakas, also called "Combos" has its nickname which identifies them as members of their organization.

It is common for women to denigrate their image.

With the slogan "Cast the Pure Party", women sometimes compete to see who is the most daring, the bravest and the most popular in the group. This is advantage for men, since sometimes they allow them to treat them and do what they want.

Where are they?

Currently there is a Combo for each Metro station in Mexico City, each with up to 50 members.

The biggest problem with them.

The problem with them is that you often find them doing graffiti on someone else's property, and this is something that affects all citizens. I know that we are all free to talk as we want and dress as we like, but the problem is the example we are giving to children.

Reflecting a little.

Not only can we blame them, we as a society are also destroying ourselves. But why?

Those of us who feel "normal" take care of marginalizing people who look different to us. But we must understand that all these are passing fashions that anyone can have. Like it or not, other groups will continue to emerge and what we must do is respect each other.

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