17 Reasons that make us want to finish them

There are times when men are very cute and tender, but there are also times when they seem to be our worst enemy.

Here we leave you some reasons that drive us to finish them.

1. When you want to fall in love you get the sky, the moon, the stars, but then you do not get a flower.

2. That they call you every time asking what you do, where you are, and who you are with.

3. That when they feel safe, they act indifferent.

4. Tell you that he loves you because of a favor you did him.

5. That they want to control you.

6. Do not answer the cell phone or text messages, and say that they did not see any call or message. How strange, bah.

7. That they are macho.

8. Victims and offenders be made.

9. That I change the topic of conversation when it reaches a compromising point.

10. Put soccer before the relationship and do not make us participate in your hobby.

11. Be jealous, and worse, when there is no reason.

12. That they see another woman in front of us and not even dissimulate.

13. That everything they want to fix with a kiss and a hug.

14. Always forget important dates.

15. That they spend criticizing others.

16. Let them talk to you about their friends.

17. Let them be false, liars and hypocrites.

If your boyfriend does some of these things do not hesitate to get away from him, you will see how sorry he will be after ...

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