15 Things that your parents miss when you are going to live alone.

Going to live sol @ is a great step for all people, since you put to the test your courage and your security to get ahead. The problem is that sometimes we make our parents feel bad for making this decision.

Next we will show 15 things that dads miss when you are going to live on your own.

1. Enter your room at 2 in the morning to tell you that you turn off the computer and fall asleep.

2. The eternal silence that you feel without that music that you were always told was ugly.

3. No longer having friends of yours coming and going all day.

4. They miss not making as much food as before, that favorite dish of yours does not return until the day they see you. :(

5. Tell you: "Are you already wearing a sweater?"

6. Those talks that became a gossip session about a relative or a friend of the family.

7. Do not see you every day wake up with your hair upset and bad for not wanting to go to school.

8. Enter your room and no longer watch them play with their toys or video games.

9. Do not ask them for money to buy you those shoes that you liked so much.

10. Do not call.

11. Having to wait until 3 o'clock in the morning to see if you get well from that party.

12. Those times you came with a new boy and introduced them as if he were your boyfriend.

13. Wash your clothes.

14. Make your breakfast in the morning.

15. Those weekends when everyone stayed at home and although everyone was in their room, the home felt full of love.

I only know that you will not miss when you were jumping like this:

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