17 Things that happen to every new mom during pregnancy

Becoming a mom is the most wonderful thing in the world, since it is not only about giving life to a new human being, but the responsibility falls on you to turn that little person who left you into an incredible human being. As they say there, there is no manual that tells you step by step what you have to do with your little one.

Next we will give you a list of funny things that happen to every new mom, this so that you know what could happen to you and so that you do not get scared if they happen to you.

During pregnancy.

1. You just can not concentrate, you leave what you started without finishing. This is due to fatigue in your body.

2. In the second trimester it is very normal for you to have a lot of sleep and all you want to do is lie down. This is due to the constant growth of the belly.

3. Progesterone (hormone that you have in your body), will be present in many ways. It will be normal for your respiratory rate to speed up at times, as well as the drop in blood pressure.

4. It is important to exercise. Obviously you can not do risky things, but it is very good to talk with someone specialized about what simple exercises you can do during pregnancy. It is 100% proven that women who have physical activity, suffer less at the time of giving birth, and even after having had the baby recovery is much faster.

5. You can feel a lot of hot flashes. If you go shopping you will need to go out dressed in fresh clothes.

6. You will hate your partner or whoever you cross. Your bad mood will be your worst enemy, many men say that this is the worst thing that they experience during pregnancy, because sometimes they feel hurt. It is understandable that you get angry but try not to hurt your partner.

7. Your digestion changes. You may have diarrhea, vomiting, constipation or heartburn. It's normal since your body is adjusting to your baby. It is good to stay calm and ask your doctor what to do.

8. Many first-time moms claim that they have terrible nightmares, this is caused by the stress that your body is generating, since it is something completely new and unknown to you, calm down, everything will be fine.

9. You begin to ask if you will be capable enough to educate him. Quiet, it is not as difficult as many people make it look, it is part of nature and everything will be given little by little.

10. Many women feel more than once that their baby is not alive. Although it sounds terrible, it is very common, since the signals sent by the brain cause stress. You need to relax and not think about fatalistic things, if you keep feeding them you will continue to produce more stress.

11. Your hair becomes thinner.

12. One of the most terrible things is that you get hemorrhoids. That's right, terrible hemorrhoids.

13. In extreme cases, and if there is insufficient calcium, your teeth may fall out. You need to be very aware of this with your doctor.

Not everything is bad, here we leave you the most beautiful of when you are pregnant.

14. In the second trimester is when your baby's muscles are already developed, so you will begin to feel knocking or moving with more force. Your ears are already developed enough to hear you, this means that you can already sing, talk with him, tell him how much you expect and how much you love him.

15. Listen to quiet and relaxing music. Pediatricians say that this helps a lot in the connections that are forming in the brain of the child.

16. One of the most beautiful things is to start looking for your name, do not let anyone tell you if you like or not the name you have chosen, it is your baby and you can put it as you want. Except: Superman, Hitler Miley Cyrus or things like that.

17. Everyone pampers you and has patience.

What you should never do

It is proven that a large number of young women who become pregnant without waiting for it, take absolutely no precautions, so they consume alcohol or in extreme cases use drugs. This is the worst thing you can do, because if you drink some alcohol or drugs, the baby also does it through the umbilical cord, causing brain damage, irreversible disorders (TEAF) or even death.

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