12 Ways to become the WORST MOTHER in the world

Sometimes we think that our mom is the most evil in the world, because she forces us to do things that we do not agree with. However, what you are trying to do is to become a good person. If you love your mom and this post has touched you, share it with her so she can see that you understand everything she has done for you and that you love her.

These are the twelve things a mom must do to become the worst mom in the world. : ')

1.- Make them have a reasonable time to go to bed.

2.- Do not give them sweets every day.

3.- Let them know the value of money, that they pay for their own things.

4.- Do not make life easier for them, learn to value what they have.

5.- Give them difficult challenges so that they learn to obtain what they want.

6.- Teach them to respect the time of others, to be punctual.

7.- It is not necessary to give them the latest model of everything, to know that there is something beyond the material.

8. Let them experience the pain of a loss, the pain strengthens you.

9.- Control the technology they use.

10.- Teach them the importance of apologizing.

11.- Teach them manners.

12.- Make them work for free, show them that helping should be part of their life.