10 Fashions that you regret having followed

Fashions come and go, but some instead of leaving good memories in their wake, leave regret and much regret for having followed them. Today we will present you 10 that you surely followed and today you regret having done it. : P


It was that fashion in which everyone felt sad to live, they left a lot of hair on their faces and they painted it black, they wore dark clothes with strong colors like pink and purple, all this is important if you were a woman or a man. They loved Hello Kitty, both genders painted their eyes in black with pink, purple or blue, no doubt those who followed this trend today repent of their sins. Hahaha

Skate - Avril Lavinge

When Avril Lavigne burst in the music industry, many people wanted to look just like her, plus women who adopted their masculine fashion and there she saw many women wearing ties even to go to school. They give me the chills of someone else's pain. Hahaha


I still do not understand that there are people who are currently in fashion, quirky hairstyles and clothes that they claim to be rebellious. ¬¬


I do not know if this is a kind of illness, but the men used and unfortunately they still use little women's or children's backpacks. They are almost always pink or SpongeBob. WTF?

Little horns on the face.

It became very fashionable in 2000, women left 2 strips of hair on the face no matter what hairstyle was made. The ones that we show you next took it still to another level.

Pants down.

Women and men alike left their pants in the middle of the rear showing a shorts or their underwear. There are still several like Justin Bieber who do not regret this fashion.


This is my favorite, there was a time when you were not anyone if you did not have a belt of studs, if you did not put them in your backpack or school uniform.

Bell bottom pants.

This is total pain, the more flared you wore the pants the better you looked, even there were people who watered their uniform pants to be fashionable.


It's a fad that I can never understand, not many of them had to see this (thank God), this fashion was about buying an elf doll and carrying it everywhere, even to school, because they believed they had life. ¬¬


I do not know if it only spread in my school, but when I was in high school the women gave them to take a pacifier of those that use babies everywhere, they put it in their mouths and even acted like babies, they looked very silly

What fashions do you think that escaped us?

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