Thoughts that all CHAMBELAN has during the party of 15 years

During the expected party of 15 years we all focus on the quinceañera, but what about the forgotten chamberlains? They also play an important role. What goes through your mind throughout the process? Today we'll tell you, get ready to die of laughter!

When you have to get up early every weekend to rehearse.

Why did I agree to be part of this?

My weekends have gone to waste.

I have to learn 4 choreographies and I can not dance.

The quinceañera has already chosen your outfit in which you did not have a voice or a vote.

I'll look like a fool!

It is uncomfortable.

It gives me heat.

My crotch is dying.

Hummer Limousine

OMG! I will get into a limousine for the first time in my life!

This is the only good thing about being chambelan.

In the dance.

Do not ruin it, do not ruin it, do not ruin it.

Her dress is in the way! This we never rehearsed.

He gained weight, I feel heavier.

I will fall!


When everything is over.

At last! I will never do it again.

2 months later.

Dammit! How did I get into this again?

Video: Chambelan Auditions. My Dream QuinceaƱera - Anika EP 2 (February 2020).