10 Uncomfortable moments that will torture you for life

We all have at some point made the bear, and that feeling of discomfort and shame seems so eternal that you think it will never end. Today we will remind you of some that you have already gone through, prepare to remember, laugh and suffer. Hahaha

1. When your parents enter just at the moment when the only sex scene appears in the movie.

2. Cover a foreign bathroom and have to ask the uncover pipes.

3. Stay to sleep at a friend's house, wake up first and not know what to do.

4. Call mom your teacher.

5. Laugh at a joke you do not understand.

6. Try to take off your sweatshirt in public and have your blouse go with it.

7. Realize that your fly is open.

8. That you get caught looking at someone fixedly and make the disguise.

9. That they catch you singing alone and at full volume in your car.

10. Greet someone you just met, and not know if you just shake hands or kiss him.

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