12 Beautiful traditional dresses from different parts of the world. Any woman looks beautiful with them.

Traditional costumes from different countries and regions of the world are a source of pride for the people who wear it. There are thousands of them around the world, but then we have made a Top of which we seem more beautiful to us.

If there are more please write to us to do a second part, because if we do not have them here, we may not know of their existence.

1. Dirndl.

It is the most emblematic dress in the region of Germany and Austria. Many men claim that this dress will make women look really sexy. They like?

2. Sari.

A Sari dress is widely worn by women from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Malaysia, etc. This dress can be made of multiple colors and is always characterized by completely covering the woman's feet. It is really elegant and the fabrics that are used are really fine.

3. Cheongsam.

This traditional Chinese costume is usually worn by thin women. Most of the time it is red with embroidery in contrasts. Without doubt they enhance the beauty of the Asian woman.

4. Kimono.

Many people confuse it with Cheongsam, but this is an insult to Japanese culture. It should be noted that the Kimono is also worn by men, boys and obviously women. There are different styles of Kimonos, ranging from casual to elegant. The price depends a lot on the details, the art that has printed and the fabric.

The perfect accessory for this dress is a traditional Japanese umbrella and toothpicks that help to collect the hair.

5. Medieval Italian.

Used in the fifteenth century in Italy and many other parts of Europe, they made any woman look really beautiful. An elegant dress should always bring velvet and flower decorations. Really beautiful.

6. Polska dress.

With very floral designs, full of colors not so bright but at the same time achieve a full of life and joy. This is how Polish women dress their traditional costumes. This clothing should always be accompanied by black boots.

7. Typical costume from Chiapas, Mexico.

This beautiful costume typical of the Chiapas region, Mexico, is made in a traditional way with weaving techniques that come from very old generations. No doubt it is colorful, colorful, elegant, and makes the women of the region look really beautiful. Her long skirt is usually filled with flowers, achieving a beautiful view when extended. Everything is hand embroidered with silk threads.

8. Dresses from Vietnam.

The dresses of Vietnam are a treat in sight of women and men. They do not have a specific color, therefore, beautiful combinations can be made. They are normally used with open sneakers and their best accessory is a cone shaped hat, this is known as Não Iá.

9. Traditional dress in Iceland.

Due to the tremendous cold that it makes in Iceland most of the year, it is important that the dresses cover the cold. Embroidery and colors are always characterized by being elegant and precise. Simply beautiful.

10. Folkloric dress of Bulgaria.

The typical costume of Bulgaria stands out for having a great similarity with some Latin American dresses, since they use a very similar color combination. The big difference is the arrangement of roses on the head, many of them are artificial, but on important occasions they use real flowers, thus achieving a beautiful effect of nature on their face.

11. Flamenco dress.

Flamenco dancing is very traditional in Spain, and to be able to look good, women must wear an elegant dress. This one is characterized for being of cut tailored and olanes in the part of down. Many women accompany this wardrobe with large necklaces or a fan. It is elementary to use a large flower to hold the hair. I love this one!

12. Caftan

This outfit is a cotton or silk tunic, and is buttoned in the front. It has long sleeves, always reaches the ankles and should be dressed with a belt at the waist. It is used mainly in Morocco.

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