7 Famous people who made their DESPRECIO public to the MEXICAN

These celebrities have expressed with racist phrases their contempt for Mexicans. We know that we are little gold to be liked by everyone, but as public figures should have a little more brain before talking. This is regrettable, because it demonstrates its limited capacity and its condemnable racism.

A.B Quintanilla.

In spite of being Mexican, he insulted the compatriots in the United States, he told the immigrants who are there: "Get out of here, you fucking Mexicans."

Jorge Lafauci

An Argentine commentator said in a television program: "The ugliest people in the world are in Mexico, but do not say it because the Mexicans can hear it. The beautiful people are on television, not on the street. "

Tommy Hilfiger.

This businessman says he hates Mexicans buying their clothes. "If I had known that black Americans, Colombian Latinos, Cuban, Mexican and Asian people would buy my clothes, I would not have designed it that good. I wish that people would not buy my clothes, because it is made for Caucasian people, of high class and I would like to give it better to pigs ". Keep buying your products! ¬¬

Elvis Presley.

It is said loudly that the singer did not tolerate Mexicans, and that he even once said: "I prefer to have relations with a changa than with a Mexican woman".

Leonardo Dicaprio.

Although his films have been a hit in Mexico, this actor seems to have no respect for his audience. According to American media this came out of his mouth: "I prefer to kiss a pig than a Mexican."

Tiziano Ferro.

The story of this singer is well known, since in one program he dared to offend Mexican women saying: "It is impossible to say that in Mexico there are the most beautiful women in the world. With all due respect, they have whiskers. It takes courage to ... I'm sorry, but they know it, maybe Salma. " He said on the television show "Che tempo fai".

Enrique Bunbury.

Mexican fans will not like this, because the singer said: "In Mexico, except for the girls that appear on television, women are pretty ugly. Really, the Mexicans throw me little, very little. On the other hand, the Argentines do, they do throw me. "

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