Signs that you are really in love

Love is not an exact science, but there are a series of situations that can help you to realize if you are really in love with that special person.

1. When your priorities have changed and you leave your friends or your family to be with him.

2. When every thing you see, hear or smell, reminds you of it.

3. When any excuse is good to kiss him.

4. When there is no one else on the street.

5. When the time at your side flies by.

6. When you are with him, you smile at all times.

7. When you can not get it out of your mind and every second is present in your thoughts.

8. When a look, a caress, a hug or a kiss, make you feel butterflies in the stomach.

9. When your happiness is yours.

10. When your heart beats a mile a minute, and every time you think about it, you sigh.

11. When you miss him at all hours and count the minutes you have left to see him.

12. When you make it part of your future plans.

13. When you feel the happiest person on earth, you smile and cry for no apparent reason.

14. When you do your defects aside.

15. When you do not mind doing crazy things for him, or even better, with him.

Do you have these symptoms?

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