The Legend Of The Red Thread Of Destiny WATCH IT!

The Japanese have the belief that the predestined people to know themselves are united by a red thread tied to the little finger.

This legend emerges when it is discovered that the aulnar artery connects the heart with the little finger. When being united by that artery it was begun to say that the red threads of the destiny united the pinkies with the hearts; that is, they symbolized shared interest and the union of feelings. That is also why promises are made in some countries when these fingers are intertwined with each other.

The story itself tells that between two or more people who are destined to have an affective bond there is a red thread, which comes with them from birth. The thread exists independently of the moment of their lives in which people go to know each other and can not be broken in any case, although sometimes it can be more or less tense, but it is always a sample of the bond that exists between them.


One of the legends about this red thread tells that an old man who lives on the moon, goes out every night and searches among souls those who are predestined to join in the earth and when he finds them he ties them with a red thread so they do not get lost . The most popular legend and that which is recited in almost all Japanese homes to children and young people is this:

A long time ago, an emperor learned that in one of the provinces of his kingdom lived a very powerful witch who had the ability to see the red thread of destiny and bring it before his presence.

When the witch arrived, the emperor ordered her to look for the other end of the thread that she had tied to her little finger and to take it to what would be his wife; the witch agreed to this request and began to follow and follow the thread. This search took them to a market where a poor peasant with a baby in her arms offered her products.

On reaching this peasant woman, she stopped in front of her and invited her to stand up and made the young emperor come up and said: "Here ends your thread", but upon hearing this, the emperor angered thinking it was a mockery of the witch, I push the peasant who still carried her baby in her arms and made her fall causing the baby to get a big wound in the forehead, ordered her guards to stop the witch and cut her off. head.

Many years later, the moment came when this emperor was to marry and his court recommended that it was best for him to marry the daughter of a very powerful general. He accepted and came the day of the wedding and the moment to see for the first time the face of his wife, who entered the temple with a beautiful dress and a veil that completely covered her.

When he lifted the veil he saw for the first time that this beautiful face had a very peculiar scar on his forehead; a scar that he himself had caused by not seeing the fate that had happened in front of him and also shows us how the destined loves are that, we can not escape from the person who was born to love us.

Paulo Coelho said:

"They say that throughout our lives we have two great loves; one with which you marry or live forever, maybe the father or mother of your children ... That person with whom you get the maximum rapport to be the rest of your life with her. And they say that there is a second great love, a person that you will always lose. Someone with whom you were born connected, so connected that the forces of chemistry escape reason and will prevent them, always, from reaching a happy ending. Until a certain day will stop trying ... They will surrender and look for that other person who will end up finding.

But I assure you that they will not spend a single night, without needing another kiss of theirs, or even discuss one more time ... Everyone knows what I'm talking about, because while they were reading this, their name has come to their head.

They will get rid of him or her, they will stop suffering, they will be able to find peace (they will replace him with calm), but I assure you that there will not be a day when they wish you were here to disturb them. Because, sometimes, more energy is given off arguing with someone you love, making love with someone you appreciate.

An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstances.

The red thread can stretch, contract or entangle, but never break!

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