20 Scents that will transport you directly to your childhood. I bet you still remember them!

I once heard someone say that there is no better way to remember childhood than with smells, and I tried to put that saying into practice today and discovered that it is completely true.

So I started thinking about those smells that someday, when you were little, they sure got to your nose. Today I will remember you.

1. The crystal rubber that served to cover your notebooks or the benches of your living room and thus not mistreat.

2. These pink gum that came rolled up and opened the package came a completely delicious smell.

3. These erasers had a very particular smell, they wanted to eat them.

4. Remember the Bubble Gummers? Delicious shoes

4. I remember a lot that there were markers of different colors, and each had a different smell. My favorite without doubt the grape, and they will not let me lie, the worst was the blue one.

5. Play-Doh play dough.

6. These balls with plastic hairs were incredible, since the material seemed to have been made in the same sky.

7. I remember that my brother loved playing with these guns that were thundering. Every time I shot an incredible smell came out, although nowadays I doubt very much that it has been good for the health. Hahaha.

8. I do not know about you but I remember the smell of the crayons, and I have to accept that I did not dislike it.

9. You did not have childhood if you do not remember the smell of granny chocolate when your aunts, your mom or your grandmother were doing it on a cold night.

10. Sanborn's cologne water. How my grandfather used it.

11. The "slaps" besides knowing delicious, had a rich smell when you remove the plastic.

12. That smell of gluttony that could only come out of a few quesabritas, or failing that, the blue Cheetos.

13. How I remember when in elementary school I started to smell maruchan soup. I was always hungry and tried to steal from my partner.

14. I do not know if I was the only one to make Coca Cola ice pops, but I suppose they did. Do you remember how delicious they smelled?

15. I think this chocolate will bring you good memories.

16. It was classic that when you got sick, your mom gave you little chops of arnica. The smell and taste were really wonderful.

17. These candies called PEZ smelled and tasted super.

18. If they are as old as I am, then possibly remember that there were some Popeye gum, which when opened had an incredible aroma.

19. Is there something that smells more tender and beautiful than baby powder?

20. Finally, I do not know if they remember the magical boat of the gerbers. It was all delicious, since from that "Poook" that was heard when opened, the taste and smell were a delicacy.

If you agree with me and remember good times, please share it, that helps us a lot to continue inventing new contents. Thank you so much!

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