7 Things you should not put into the MICROWAVE Avoid a DISASTER!

Although microwave ovens went on the market in the 50's, given the high cost of the first models, they did not become popular until the 70's. They are very helpful and make life easier for us when we heat our food, however there are certain foods that we should not heat. Avoid a disaster!

1. Fruits.

Except for a few cases, such as apples or pears, it is not advisable to put fruits in the microwave. For example, grapes and raisins can explode if they get too hot.

2. Hot peppers

Capsaicin, the ingredient responsible for the hotness of chili peppers, will evaporate while the peppers are heated, which can lead to a rather unpleasant experience if you inhale a little of this vapor, causing problems breathing.

3. Metal.

Most know it but it never hurts to remember it. Unless you want a fireworks-like show inside your own kitchen, do not use metal containers or aluminum foil when you heat a dish in the microwave.

4. Bread

Of course you can heat the bread in the microwave if it's only for a few seconds. Now, if you want to melt the cheese in the sandwich, better use a grill or toaster. If you heat it for a too long time, you will end up with a bread with the appearance of plastic and chewing gum.

5. Plastic.

Not only is it not recommended not to use plastic due to the fact that it can melt and leave a disaster almost impossible to clean. Although some containers of this material resist the power of the microwave, certain studies have determined that during the heating process inside this device, the plastic releases certain chemical components that can be harmful to the organism. Use only materials that are special for microwave use.

6. Sponges.

Certainly, heating the cleaning sponges for about thirty seconds will kill all the bacteria you have accumulated. But this only works with certain levels of dirt. If the sponge is too dirty, the whole kitchen will probably smell horrible. It is an unbearable smell!

7. Warm eggs.

When warm warm eggs in the microwave make it maximum for 2 minutes, no more! If you mistakenly exceed the time and the egg explodes, the smell will be unbearable and will last for days. Be careful!

Be careful and avoid an accident!

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