20 Great ideas to turn your house into an amusement park for CHILDREN

To entertain the children of the house does not have to be a difficult and expensive task, it is enough to have a little ingenuity so that they spend wonderful hours that they will remember all their life. Today we will give you 20, they are wonderful, simple and super economic. Do not let your children pass it in front of the television or in front of the computer, develop your brain, this will give you tools to face the world.

1. Get white shirts that no longer use and allow him to create with crayons or watercolors his own designs.

2. Fill balloons with flour, the texture will love them.

3. A glass of water and soap tied to a towel will create a bubble snake.

4. A slide at home!

5. Make a spider web with tape and then make balls with another adhesive tape so that they throw them and try to stick them to the web.

6. A straw and a popcorn can trigger a funny competition.

7. How about playing 007?

8. Improvise a mini bowling, place small things in formation and make the ball a marble.

9. Let them sleep in a tent and tell them stories, they will love it.

10. A sandbox will trigger your imagination, plus you can make them practice their writing in a fun way.

11. A colander and several pipe cleaners will allow you to create a beautiful figure.

12. Make a laugh in the backyard with aluminum foil, you can throw boats made of paper.

13. Whoever has the most points wins a prize.

14. Improvise some shoes with plastic balls and have them create a beautiful painting on paper as a canvas.

15. Mix paint with resistol and turn them into artists. Give them plastic caps that do not work.

16. Bags full of paint, they will love to exploit them and the result on the floor will be beautiful.

17. Paint dolls with chalk and have them dress them.

18. They can play target shooting on the ground with sponges.

19. A board game on the floor, they will be the figures that move, add a challenge to each square.

20. A race track in his bedroom painted with chalk or tape.

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