11 Things that a WOMAN will not tell you EVER!

Well they say: "Women do not have to understand them, just love them." It is a phrase that is not far from reality, many girls prefer to keep their feelings, to say what they are really thinking. Here we leave you some of the things that a woman will never tell you.

1. Observer

A woman will constantly test you, listen to every word you say, look at your nails, check how you talk to the waiter, how you drive the car, everything! That depends on whether you sleep with you or not.

2. Sixth Sense.

Always, even if you do not want to recognize it, the woman you're with will know when you like someone other than her. So probably be cautious about it, if not jealous. Make her feel safe, it's your only option.

3. Platonic love.

At least one celebrity has her in love, and if in an unusual case she could cheat on you, she would do it without thinking!

4. "Forget it".

That or another similar word is a way of telling you: "You're stupid and I will not waste my time explaining to you".

5. Does it bother?

Whenever you ask him that, he will tell you that he is not, but he is lying. It is better that you ask her how you can help her from the beginning.

6. Mandona.

She is the one who sends and will not tell you to do something more than three times, and if you do not fulfill it, she will not either. He will also torture you with an attitude of indifference or even aggression.

7. By name.

Not all women like you to call them with names, such as: doll, heart, short, queen, etc. Sometimes they tend to think that this is what you tell other girls.

8. Hidden interests.

He seems to care about everything that happens to you and what you like, but he wants to know everything about you, so he is likely to investigate your most intimate secrets.

9. Concealed.

If for some reason you fought and do something like sending flowers, I'm sure you'll believe it's a good gesture, but in reality you're thinking it's a cheap trick. You need to update your courtship modes.

10. Family hatred.

She does not understand why you do not like her family, but she does not like yours either, so someone will have to give in ... it's usually man.

11. Reflect.

A woman really does not care if you do not take her to a very expensive place on the first date, but she will pay close attention to the details and the idea you offer. If it's something boring or an ugly place, forget about it.

Can you think of another one?

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