10 Possessed dolls that you would not like to play with. We tell you their stories.

It is an Italian doll that they say moves by itself and that both their facial expressions and the position of their arms and legs, change. It is said that it moves the things that surround it in the closed shelf where it is stored. Since the death of its owner, in 2005, Pupa's activities have increased considerably and it seems that she wanted to be released from her prison.

The particularity of this doll is that it was made in the image and likeness of its owner. A custom very rooted in many parts of the world, so much so that some of these dolls have real hair provided by the boy or girl they emulate, or human hair sold to the doll maker as is the case of Pupa.

This doll lives with its owner Marie Ford, in the state of Washington, E.U.A. It is said that something strange lives in the inert body of this one, because Alice has been heard whispering to people when their ears are close to her face. It has a very heavy and cold look that follows people.

She lives in spite of herself, locked up in a place in Atlanta, Georgia, where she rests for now. "This is not just any toy, much less to have it close to your children," says Reggie Jacobs, a researcher at the Atlanta paranormal center.

It is said that the ghost that owns it is very active and destructive, if you do not like it, it will destroy everything that is within its reach until it changes its owner. It is also said that the doll brings bad luck; also, they say that the doll moves by itself.

Joliet's story goes back four generations, Anna G., the current owner of the object says that this doll came to her from her mother, who in turn received it from her and she from her own mother . Each daughter of the family carries the curse of having a boy and a girl, and of which the child would die irremediably three days after birth.

The family has the belief that it will be so until the end of their dynasty and that the doll is keeping the souls of those dead children. Over the years, the family members declare that they have heard Joliet crying and sobbing with different baby voices at the same time and that on certain nights there is a heartrending scream that freezes the blood.

This doll of more than 100 years was a gift made by King Umberto I, to the daughter of one of his most beloved and faithful guards; It is said that the doll was the cause of the death of the guard.

This doll has survived several disasters, including the two World Wars. However, he has been losing part of his body as arms and hair; this thanks to an attack with a bomb. It is said that inside the body of the doll, lives the soul of a woman who tried to rescue her from the explosion.

The doll has strange tastes and at first he quoted in a low voice: "Dream with me"; after the death of the grandfather of Bethlehem, who was the owner.

Some time later, he started to make strange sounds, to then say: "Die with me"; the strange voices continue to the present and the doll, in addition to pronouncing such a strange phrase, also moves the eyes without reason, following the gaze of the people who approach her.

It's another "very real and possessed doll," says Janice Poole, a researcher and collector of possessed dolls. Poole has a collection of more than 25 dolls with this feature, some of which he has obtained through the Ebay site and others were donated by his previous owners. Poole's house had not had paranormal activity until Bebe arrived at his home.


The infamous Harold is known for the multiple voices that come from within, as well as moving by his will. Harold "the bewitched" is one of the most popular possessed dolls, whether haunted or not, has already marked history in the world.

His last owner bought it to restore it and until now nothing has happened to prove it or deny it.

The haunted doll lives in the Quesnel museum, on the old Cariboo route, which is on the road that was once used during the gold rush in British Columbia. She is one of more than 30 thousand objects on display in the place, but it is undoubtedly a unique article.

Mandy was donated in 1991. The person who delivered Mandy, also known as Miranda, told the museum keeper that it was a family heirloom; however, he wanted to get rid of her, because he heard the cry of a baby that came from the wrist.

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