Signs to recognize a woman INFIEL

We constantly believe that men are the ones who tend more to infidelity, however studies reveal that women are equal or sometimes more infidels than men. That is why today we will give some tips to the boys to know if their girl is being unfaithful. Attentive!

Instant friends

When a girl is being unfaithful, she needs alibis that you can not verify, that's how instant friends are born, that is, she will suddenly tell you "I went out with so-and-so, you do not know her, she's a childhood friend". And believe me you will never get to know these friends, because they do not exist.


Answer calls away from you, write messages in the bathroom and even changed the password to access your mobile.

Social networks.

It removes you from your social networks or makes others where you are not included, also changes your passwords and gets nervous if you go to your computer.

Change of privacy.

Here are two options, the first is that you do not want to have more contact with you alleging a thousand excuses, and the other is that you start doing things you did not know you knew.

There are endless signs and these will depend on the change in the couple's interaction, but it does not mean that the ones we mention are universal.

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