21 Street Antojitos that make you appreciate being Mexican

Mexico has a huge culinary diversity, so much so that if you have a craving for something, just go out to the streets to satisfy it. These are the most popular and those that I personally love. These are also the things that make me say "It's so good that I'm Mexican!"


They are corn grains boiled with epazote and usually in chicken broth, mayonnaise, striped cheese, lemon and chili powder are added.


Boiled elotes to which mayonnaise, cheese and chili powder are added. Another method is to roast the corn until they look like fried and add lemon and chili.

Chicken feets.

Usually they sell them in the esquites, they can sell them to you this way alone or with corn.

Chicharrones preparations.

To these square rinds are added cream, cueritos, avocado, cabbage, tomato, cilantro, lemon and chili. A delight!

Oaxacan tamales.

In addition to delicious usually a cart passes by your house, to home delivery.


They are the same ones that are added to prepared pork rinds, but you can order them in a glass, with lemon, salt and chili.


Through the streets of Mexico there are street stalls dedicated only to sell roasted wings, there they are cheaper than in recognized establishments.


There is so much variety, some add only sauce and the most daring ones venture to order them with cream and sauce.

Prepared fruit

If you want to look healthier and healthier, there are carts that sell fruit prepared with lemon and salt. You can find cucumbers, mangoes, jicamas, watermelon etc.

Clotted cream biscuits.

These are some of my favorites, they make them at the moment and you usually find them in the tianguis.


They scrape a giant ice and they put it in a glass, you choose what flavor to add.


Gelatins of all flavors! There are stalls dedicated only to sell jellies and custards.


Generally in all the colonies there always passes a man selling homemade bread at night, which is usually delicious.


Here there is a great variety of cravings, pambazos, quesadillas, sopes, tlacoyos, gorditas.


They are like giant toast with beans, cream, cheese, avocado and meat.


A French and fried. I even craved it!


You usually find them at fairs, they are like huge but caramelized toasted piloncillo.

Male bananas.

This is truly a delight, they are fried plantains covered with jam, milk or cajeta. They are extremely rich!

Sweet potatoes

They circulate through the streets of the city in a cart that makes a hellish noise, but they are extremely rich, you accompany them with a milk jug, cajeta or jam.


It is a kind of long bread covered with sugar, it can also be stuffed with nutella, jam, milk, etc.

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