10 Ways in which he will tell you he is an immature

In the vast majority of occasions, maturity does not have to do with the age of the person, rather it has to do with their ability to understand, analyze and see things. For this reason it may be that a 19-year-old boy can be much more mature than a 25-year-old boy.

If you do not know how to identify when a man is mature, then we will give you some tips so you can do it.

Oh! and of course, it should be clear that being mature has nothing to do with being a boring person, on the contrary, a mature person can be a thousand times more fun. ;) S

If they have any discussion, no matter how small, it is hard for him to admit an error, so he will not ask for an apology. Your ego can be so big that it even stops you from calling for a few days, until you look for it or send it a message.

It is not bad to be a fan of a videogame and take it as a relaxation or hobby, but something that is unforgivable, is that a man devotes more time to this activity than to important things like health and relationships with the people around him. Example: If he prefers to stay playing instead of going to a family meal, there is a problem.

There are times that men are studying and can not work, but even so, we can easily notice when a man has goals, and when you know that he will never depend on anyone. If your boy is one of those men he does not know how to solve his problems on his own, or he is one of those who daily asks for money from his daddies, there will be problems.

Every immature man thinks that being someone's boyfriend is simply for going to the movies, skating, going out now and then. Normally he is not interested in getting involved with more personal things. It is possible that your feelings do not go through your head, or the things that you like. A mature man is interested in knowing you more, in order to achieve a better communication and relationship.

If he goes out with friends, his goal is not to have a good time and live with them, but rather, to be the one who drinks more alcohol, so that his friends "respect" him.

It is common that when an immature man wants to achieve, make a terrible tantrum as he does with his mother. For example: He asks you to go to the movies to see a movie, and if you do not agree, he gets angry more than he should, stops talking and behaves hostile all afternoon with you.

Absolutely all immature men, they are always seeing who else can be linked (apart from you). So if you start to see that he gets very nervous when you ask him to borrow his computer, or if he acts strangely when messages arrive, such as getting in the bathroom and never leaving the cell phone near you, it is a clear signal that he's not exactly the man you should be with.

A basic characteristic of an immature man is that he loves to make a dramatic scene on the street. Anything can start a fight in which he can end up crying himself, or screaming in front of everyone. Pathetic!

Many immature men are much safer when they talk to you on WhatsApp or on Facebook, than when they are with you in person. It's really annoying, since you do not know what your true personality is.

The immature man always believes that he is right, so when he makes a mistake, he will try to turn the problem around by blaming any other person. For this reason, you could always be the culprit of the problems that he comes to have.

As a last tip: Get away from immature men if you do not want to leave with problems!

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