25 Accessories that your cell phone dies to have

Your cell phone does many things for you, it is your main tool during the day, so it's time to pamper it with one of these incredible and functional accessories. Add them to your Christmas wish list! Maybe someone will take pity on you.

1. So you will always know where it is.

2. A solar charger.

3. A magic board in the case. * _ *

4. I do not know if it's very comfortable, but it looks great.

5. How I need one of these.

6. So you can hang it in the car.

7. Very feminine

8. All in one.

9. Wow.

10. With these gloves you can use touch, so your hands will not freeze.

11. Another type of solar charger.

12. Stuck in the pants no one will know what is the case of your cell phone.

13. It's real makeup.

14. A portfolio where it fits perfectly.

15. Super hipster.

16. O_O

17. A simple way to use it in the office.

18. For business people.

19. Why do not I still have these sheets?

20. Awww!

21. It looks beautiful!

22. Yeiii!

23. Sponponite * _ *

24. Super rude.

25. For those who love books.

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