35 Odious phrases that a JEALOUS boyfriend has told you

I do not know for what reason, but when the men's heads start to turn against him, it seems that a chip is activated to say the same phrases that only show how jealous they are.

I know that many men will complain and say that it is not true, but women know that it is so.

1. Where did you go, surely you stayed to talk with that "friend" who loves you, right?

2. I dreamed that I was going down the street and I was kissing someone else.

3. Why do you like that photo of your friend? You like it, right? I want you to eliminate it!

4. It's already too late to be sent sending Whats, who is it?

5. It makes me want you to go out with my friends because some of them you like.

6. Yesterday I dialed twice and you did not answer. What were you doing?

7. Give me your Facebook password.

8. Why on your Facebook profile has not your status changed from "single" to "in a relationship?

9. Who is that guy and the other 20 who liked that publication where you tell them you finished college? Do they want with you or what?

10. Why do you keep seeing that guy?

11. All your ex were very ugly and nacos.

12. I'm not jealous, I just feel like you do not love me anymore.

13. That guy may have a good body, but I can tell you without knowing he is a perfect imbecile.

14. Why do you put the option of automatic blocking to your cell phone? What are you hiding?

15. Why do you put the phone to the bathroom? Are you talking to another and you do not want me to find out?

16. Better change clothes, I do not want my friends watching you all night.

17. Where do you know that guy you met on the street, and why do you hug so much? If you like so much to see it, better go with it.

18. Why are voices heard in the background? Where are you? Is that what you hear are the voices of men?

19. Why are you so thoughtful?

20. Why do you sing that song so happy? Sure it reminds you of your ex.

21. Your friends will surely love to go out with others besides their boyfriends, better not see them anymore, do not go out with them.

22. Let's see, tell your mom to see if it's true that you're at home.

23. That sure guy is gay.

24. Remove those photos where you go out in a bathing suit during your vacation. Do you like to be seen or what?

25. Look at my eyes and tell me if there is another one in your life.

26. What are you going to do on that girls night? I do not agree with that.

27. I mean, do you prefer to defend him instead of defending me? What side are you on?

28. Tell me what time and I pass by you, otherwise I do not agree that you go to your friend's house.

29. Hey, do you love me? I'm important for you? You would never change me? (every 5 minutes).

30. A little today also stayed to see your friends? Better not go out.

31. It's not that I do not trust you, in whom I distrust is in all your friends, that's why you better not go out with them anymore.

32. The day you are not jealous, worry.

33. Who are all those guys you have as friends on your Facebook? If you do not talk to them or anything, you better eliminate them.

34. How do you prefer to go to the gym (or any extra activity) instead of wanting to spend time with me? There I realize how much you care.

35. I'm not jealous!

Any resemblance to reality is not a coincidence.

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