22 Fun facts that will ruin your childhood

Someday you had to know the truth.

1. Daveigh Chase, the actress who made the girl from "El Aro", was the same one who made the original voice of Lilo de Lilo & Stitch.

2. The house of the Teletubbies was destroyed and turned into an artificial lake.

4. That's how they looked in their resting times after spending hours in the sun.

5. Harry Potter and his subliminal messages.

6. All the animals in these movies are already dead.

7. The cover of the first Mario Bross game, it's not really Mario bouncing heroically, it's a picture of Mario dying while falling in the lava.

8. Do you remember the funny scene where E.T. Do you get drunk and stumble around the house? It was played by a child who was born without legs.

9. Iugh!

10. What you saw in the movie vs. reality.

11. And once again ...

12. Mohohoho making an indecent proposal.

13. Looking from this point Jurasic Park, does not look so scary.

14. Barney is the version of the future that awaits Nelson. I bet you've never analyzed it.

15. This is how your childhood forbidden love Nick Carter looks at his 35 years.

16. And his brother Aaron also did not do very well with age.

17. Little Stuart Little changed drastically. This data will make many girls good.

18. The sad reality of Plaza Sesamo.

19. In real life she would have 12 and 28.

20. She is Joy of the popular group S Club Seven, was a success in the 90's - 00, changed and much.

21. It is possible that these images do not let you sleep.

Sailor Woody?

22. Ashleigh Aston Moore died in 2007 at 26 years of age due to an overdose. You will remember her for having appeared in the movie "Amigas para siempre".

We invite you to stand in a corner, make a little ball and start crying.

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