20 Female attitudes that bother men more than they imagine

I know that not all women are the same and it would be a mistake to generalize, but I can say that there are many women who do these things really annoying. They are the pure truth, if you do not believe me, ask your brother, dad or friends.

1. That you never want and do not even offer to pay your share during an outing.

Many times (we for chivalrous) we offer to pay and it's fine, it's something that is born and does not make us feel uncomfortable, but doing it is always something super annoying. Sometimes we can come to think that you do not care where you got the money, as long as you have a good time.

2. If we plan an appointment, take your friend without telling us before.

If we want to go out with you it is very bad education to see them arrive accompanied by your best friend. We understand that you feel more in confidence if your friend is there with you but, little by little, do not you realize that we feel uncomfortable?

3. That they do not remember a song that we dedicate to them.

It sounds corny and possibly yes it is, but hey, put yourself in our place and tell us what you would feel if you gave us a song and we do not remember it.

4. That they do not show us their feelings when we send them a message of affection.

He: "Good morning, beautiful, I dreamed about you, I'm really looking forward to seeing you, I miss you. Have you thought about me? "
Ella: Thank you, yes.

But if a day passes without us sending a message or taking a long time to answer, we are sentenced.

5. That if they have a problem, we are the culprits.

You have to accept many times you have a problem and try to get even with us. This has happened to me more than once with different girls. If you have a problem, tell us and we will help you solve it. Do not throw it against us.

6. Ask what car we have or how much money we earn.

That is, does it depend on whether they will go out with us?

7. That they become over-makeup.

We know that they care to look pretty, but there are times when it is not necessary to wear 5 kg of makeup. Although no man tells you, there are many who say: "What a pity, it looked better before makeup."

8. Let them flirt with our friends "without realizing it".

This has happened to many men. It happens mainly when we start dating her.

9. That your cell phone is more important than paying attention.

It is not wrong to answer a whats message or check if you get a notification to see if it is something important. But not being able to drop your cell phone for a second is something totally unsettling and badly educated. I've met women who even take selfies when they're on a date. Argh!

10. That sometimes your pride is bigger than an elephant.

Many times when we "fight", they want us to apologize without really having to. You can last many angry days while many of us find it harder to work.

11. That they say half truths.

Many women think that we believe them when they are hiding something from us. Remember that a half truth is a lie.

12. Try to start a new relationship without forgetting your ex.

We know when they have not completely forgotten their ex and this makes us feel insecure to continue in the relationship.

13. Tell us all the gossip from your friends.

It's not bad that sometimes they tell us one or the other, but talking about them every day is really boring.

14. They want to have our passwords.

Besides being uncomfortable, it is something really sick. If you do not trust better just do not go out with us.

15. Make tantrums and even become manipulative.

This happens mainly when we want to leave only with our friends.

16. When they want to force us to get along with their friends' boyfriends.

If we do not like them, there is no way we can program our brain to change our way of thinking.

17. To complain about our families.

We know that our families have mistakes, even many of us do not support them either, but it is annoying that all day they are criticizing our brothers, dads or uncles. The worst thing is that if one says something about her brother, a terrible fight breaks out and there will surely be tears.

18. They want to take the liberty of giving us orders.

"You can not go with your friends", "Go faster, go late", "Do not eat that" "I see you at my house at 8".

19. That they believe that they are always right.

All men know that it is a lost battle to fight to prove they are not right.

20. That they hate our friends for the simple fact of being ... yes, women.

It is terrible that they do not understand that we can also have friends and that we do not sleep with them or like them. Even many times you call them p #% @ $ without reason.

Ah, I remind you that this is not for everyone, it is only directed to those that have the sack.

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