Things that nobody told you would happen to you when you hit twenty

Twenty years will be one of the most memorable experiences in your life. Live it with intensity is an obligation, that's why we want to reveal part of what awaits you so that you are prepared and can enjoy it to the fullest.

1. Drinking alcohol will not be as exciting as when you were 17, now a hangover will last you the whole week and you will swear never to drink again. Obviously you will not fulfill it.

2. You will try to make a rigorous diet for the first time, which you will break immediately because your willpower is no longer as strong as before.

3. You will awaken one day with the uncertainty of knowing if what you are doing is really taking you where you want.

4. You will constantly complain about your parents and at the same time you will realize that you are becoming them.

5. You will try to become an expert in the kitchen, but not before you burned 3000 thousand times.

6. You will begin to think seriously about having a more formal relationship.

8. Your musical tastes will change, and you will not care if people think about your guilty tastes.

9. You will think seriously about adopting a pet, because you know you are ready to take responsibility for someone else.

10. It does not matter that you are barely 20 years old, there will be times when you will feel that you are really old.

11. You will fall in love with more passion and euphoria.

12. The more you sleep, the more tired you will feel. Why? I do not know, but that will happen to you.

13. Your desire to travel and to know the world will intensify.

14. You will go out to party with your friends and have fun without the need to impress anyone. You no longer need to prove that you were the queen of the shots.

15. It will be the stage in which you will see yourself physically better, because adolescence is coming out of your life.

16. You will find that finding the perfect job is more difficult than you thought.

17. You will discover that coffee tastes better than ever.

18. You will feel the need to become independent from your parents.

19. You will realize that making mistakes is not as bad as you thought, since you are learning great things from them that make you mature.

20. Each time you will have fewer friends, but the ones that are left are real.

21. You never imagined how fast time can pass. From one moment to another your friends will invite you to their weddings or baby showers.

22. You will notice that your parents have aged a little more and can not do as many things as when you were little.

23. The physicist will take second place when choosing the man of your life.

If you are right at this stage, raise your hand and if not, get ready!

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