17 Simple details that will color your room

To have a dream room, 2 simple things are enough. One, that you try to keep it as neat and clean as possible; another, that you pay attention to the small details. Although it may not seem, these little details will give your room the color and sophistication you are looking for, and the best thing is that you will not spend a lot of money.

1. Hooks as an ornament.

I know that you usually use the hooks to hang your clothes, but you can tape them to embellish them and use them as an ornament.

2. Links

Use ties like these or colors to hold your curtains.

3. The forgotten side of the doors.

Paint a different color this forgotten part of the door. You can also make drawings or paste some tape.

4. Decorate your drawers.

You can paint only the sides or the entire drawer.

5. Put everything to glitter.

To the lamp, the mirror, the chairs, everything you can think of!

6. Battens.

Instead of those ugly hooks for the curtains, keep them fixed with bows made of ribbon.

7. Vases.

Place natural or artificial flowers in a huge cup.

8. Prints on the wall.

9. Candles and more candles.

One candle over here, another over there. Try to be bright colors and smells.

10. Bottles.

Paint glass bottles and use them as vases or to hang things. The joke is that they look pretty on their own.

11. Shelves.

A room without books is not a room. In addition there are super decorative shelves.

12. A map.

The great thing would be one like this, where you scratch the places you've already visited. Pretty motivating.

13. Corner blanket.

A blanket full of color and texture, placed in this position, will revive your room.

14. Words of encouragement.

If you have this type of lamp, they will be perfect in it. But you can place them on the ceiling or on the wall.

15. To decorate the mirror!

You can put strips, glitter, more mirrors, pieces of wood, etc. Your creativity is the limit.

16. A huge heart

Or the figure that you like the most. But yes, it has to be big and flashy.

17. Cushions.

The cushions will always be your best allies. There is a great diversity and nothing adorns more than them.