Ideas so that your graduation has the best decoration

If your group is already starting to organize the graduation party, it's time to show them your ideas. These details will give you that funny and glamorous touch that you are looking for.

1. They can decorate the main entrance to the room with some feathers full of glitter.

2. Do not use the typical centerpieces, better recycle bottles, just a little paint to make it look like this:

3. Make the glasses of all the guests have style.

4. Balloons are not just for children's parties.

5. Decorate those boring chairs with plastic beads.

6. Curtains and Christmas lights will make the entrance triumphant.

7. What do you think of these centerpieces?

8. The bows of white balloons are beautiful.

9. Instead of using flowers, they can use pens of the color they want.

10. Do not forget the accessories to make the memory photos more fun.

11. A simple bun will transform the cups.

12. Feel like in an awards ceremony.

13. A sign at the entrance will give you the necessary atmosphere.

14. A different yearbook.

15. Think seriously about decorating a wall so your photos look like this.

16. Create a station for selfies.

17. The glasses can also be elegant.

18. Another way to add pearls to chairs.

19. The balloons on the ceiling create an atmosphere without equal.

10. Make signs with the date of your generation.

11. Remember that the details are very important.

12. The bathrooms do not have to break the charm.

Video: Graduation Party & Decoration Ideas (February 2020).