Break your denim jacket and get a new garment!

If bringing a denim jacket does not convince you so much, do not send it to the furthest place in your closet. Better take a pair of scissors and create a new garment even more awesome than the previous one.

This is an example of how you should cut it.

If you melt it with a printed shirt, this will be your result.

Paste many jewels of different sizes and colors.

If you want something more daring, remove the part of the back and replace it with lace.

Create figures with animal print fabrics.

Patches a little more rockstar.

Here some suggestions of uses. You will realize that you can put it on top of what you want.

Video: How to Get the Stiffness Out of New Denim Clothes : Denim & Scarves, Oh My! (November 2019).