How to apply makeup to hide acne

All of us at some point have had or still have annoying and horrible pimples, and we have tried to hide them with makeup without much success. Well, today you will know exactly how to achieve it.

1. Do not break it.

No matter how much you wish to kill her, do not squeeze her. This will only inflame it, infect it and cause it to come out more.

2. Open the pores.

Place a wet towel with hot water in areas with pimples, this will open the pores and allow deep cleaning to work better.

3. Deep cleaning.

Clean all your face with a neutral antibacterial soap, and place with a cotton a cold astringent lotion to close the pores.

4. Green corrector.

Now the makeup will take on a much softer texture. Applies green concealer in the reddened areas.

5. Skin color corrector.

Once you've applied the green concealer, apply a little skin-colored concealer on the shins.

6. Base for skin with acne.

Apply your base normally, never with your hands, opt for a brush or sponge. Do not forget to wash it constantly.

7. Mineral powders.

With a swab apply a little mineral powder on the shins, it does not sink and will give the final touch.

8. Do not forget to take off makeup.

Never go to bed with makeup on, this will only cover your pores and invite more pimples to your face.

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