10 Things that you did in your adolescence and you stopped doing without realizing

The times change. Ugh, in fact I feel like yesterday I was a teenager who was interested in doing all these things.

Today, due to the advancement of technology, there are very few people who continue to do this:

Call that guy you liked at home hoping your parents would not answer.

It was very uncomfortable and painful to be answered at 9 pm and try to say hello. You always prayed because he answered you.

Go to an Internet cafe.

I still remember those times where it was not so common to have a fast Internet, which is why you asked 10 pesos to your parents and you went to a cybercafé to chat on MSN Messenger.

Burn CD's with photos, music, etc.

Typical that you wanted to keep all the information you could on a CD. Mainly you wanted to make a playlist with your favorite songs to give them to that boy you liked so much.

Send a text message.

Today, thanks to God, there is WhatsApp and it is not necessary to spend a peso on a sms, which, by the way, seldom sent you the complete message.

Interested in watching music videos.

That feeling of knowing that a new video of Britney Spears or N * Sync was coming out was super exciting. You dreamed of learning the choreography when before.

Send electronic postcards

In my time this was the best way to declare your love to a person without you having to see his face and die of shame.

Enter a chat and "fall in love".

Typical that you fell madly in love with a guy you never really knew. You gave him your messenger and according to you one day they would meet and be happy for life.

Spend a day without your cell phone.

Now that I think about it, I remember that I even preferred not to bring a cell phone during my adolescence, because that way my mother could not locate me. So I could spend all day with my friends without being checked every 5 minutes. Today, if I spend a day without my cell phone, I feel like I'm dying.

Go to "MixUp" to buy a CD of your favorite band.

Today I just put it on Spotify, I listen to it tired and ready. I have to accept that I am a bit nostalgic for the emotion that caused me to go buy a new CD, see the little book and learn all the songs.

Watch national television.

I think the last show I saw on open TV was "Otro Rollo". I do not know if something similar happens to you.

If you remember more things, please write them in the comments.

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