20 Garments that you and your best friend should start using

You and your best friend definitely need to pamper yourself a bit and show off to the world what they have. And what better way to do it than with these wonderful and fun clothes that they will have to get.

1. I love my best friend as a fat boy loves cake.

2. I ask to be the bacon!

3. Aww! How cute!

4. If you are the Nutella, I am the bread.

5. She is my non-biological sister.

6. I want to be Pumba!

7. Salt and pepper.

8. Let the world know.

9. If you saw the movie of The fox and the hound, they will want this with all their might.

10. Because humor should not be missing.

11. Couples of crime.

12. Best friends since 1998.

13. Best friends.

14. Best minions.

15. Best bitches.

16. Soulmates.

17. I am his Elsa, I am his Anna.

18. What beautiful things!

19. The short, the high.

20. She is my best friend.

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