16 Ways to scare your boyfriend this Halloween

Halloween is coming and I must confess that it is my favorite time of the year, because I can have fun at the expense of the fear of others and nobody sees me badly. So if you also want to make a few shouts to your boyfriend, friend, brother or parents, these ideas will help you.

Some are heavier than others, so make sure that the people you are going to scare do not suffer from the heart.

Many people are afraid of spiders, so you can take advantage of it just when they are most vulnerable: the bathroom!

This is how you should print the face to create the effect.

Imagine his reaction to seeing this at the end of the hall. You can do it with cardboard and just paint it in black.

You must be with the cell phone recording to be able to remember your reaction forever.

I assure you that they will take away the desire to go to the bathroom.

If you have children or siblings, they can be your accomplices. Dress them like this and make them pass in the dark when your boyfriend or husband walks nearby.

Your dolls can be your best allies, only you will have to change their look forever. Scratch them, put them on and put them on your bed or in the passenger seat in your car.

And that's how easy it is how you can create a corpse for your garden or for your garage.

Leave one of these at the entrance of the door, I do not think you dare to enter.

Place a fake cockroach on the lamp and ask him to garment it. The jump he will take will kill you with laughter.

And so you can make ghostly faces that will chase them at night.

If you have a doll of this size, paint it white and put it behind the curtains.

Print an image as gloomy as this and paste it in the mirror.

A simple glove behind the curtain will make you scream like a baby.

Put an ice with spider without him noticing.

Here we have a heavier joke.