Your bubis are fed up and we have a message for you

Hello, we already know each other but we had never spoken before, because we had not thought it necessary until today. We are somewhat angry and tired of your behavior towards us.

But today justice will be done for us your bubis, because we have a list of requests that we hope you can fulfill.

Wash your bras.

Yes, we are very sorry to take your clothes out in the sun but do not wash them very often. Do you think we like to live in dirt? We also sweat so we need clean clothes like the rest of the body.

If the rod came out, throw it away!

The rods are our kryptonite, it is not pleasant to be stabbed every day by them. If you are not going to sew them better, throw them away.

Let us rest at night.

Do not sleep with a bra or tops, we do not need them, we want to sleep well. We also need to rest.

We need a day off.

It's not that we don't get along very well with your bras, but sometimes we need a day off, a day for us.

Touch us!

Not that we are paranoid, well a little. So check us once a month to see if everything goes well with us.

Do not lower your self-esteem.

I know that we are not the size you would have liked, but it is not about repeating every day. We also have feelings.

Yes to sports bras!

Bouncing everywhere is not pretty. We love that you exercise and take care of your health, but there are sports bras that will function as safety belts for us. Do not be like that!

Let us see the world.

We also like to go out and breathe a little air, use necklines more often, we are too cute to walk hidden all our lives.

Research what your size is!

We are tired of living tight and that your bra leaves us marks. We need comfort and that will only be achieved if you choose your size well.

Take us to the doctor.

It does not hurt that you do a check at least once a year. We want to be always with you, don't let us get sick.

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