12 Divine ways to change the look of your flats

I dare to say that all girls have more than one pair of flats in our huge shoe collection. In fact, many of those we have do not even use them, because they are worn out or we no longer find the joke.

Well, today I will give you 12 divine ideas so that you make a change of image and stay super cool.

To use them again it has been said!

It will not be enough to tie it, you will have to put glue so that it does not come out when it comes to walking.

Have you always wanted some kitty flats? Well, don't wait any longer, and make them yourself!

I am a fan of lace, and it can be put to everything. See how your flats will look if you decorate them with this versatile fabric.

If your flats already have that little black tongue on the back, this is how you can take advantage of it. And if you can't do it yourself.

A little glue and the decorations that you liked the most, are the materials to give your shoes the best possible look.

Make them a beautiful metal tip with these simple steps.

This will only work with fabric flats, as they need to absorb the paint so that the wash effect is more natural.

And that's how you can juice the inflatable paint. You can find it in any stationery.

Jewelry is not just for use on the body. Add some to your flats.

Your own ballett shoes, but more comfortable and stylized.

And yes, you can also put this on your flats. The place and quantity depend on you.

The sequin doesn't just go in the Christmas decorations. Look how cute black flats can be.

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