They invited the eslamoda team to change

Hello eslamoditas! My name is Fany, I am an editor at and I want to tell you something curious that happened to me today.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article called: “Ways in which the Internet changed my life” where I shared the odious experience I had when our Internet provider decided to cut us off at the Eslamoda office. The reason is still unclear and the issue is that although the service has already been restored, it is very poor.

As you can imagine, we all here need a good Internet connection to be able to write many of the content that you do us daily to read.

The lack of customer service by the company that provides us with service, made us reflect on how important the Internet is in our generation and how necessary it is to have it available 24 hours a day, which is why we decided to create the collection "Dear Internet" in which we have added the articles:

Ways in which the Internet changed my life.

10 Signs that you are addicted to the Internet.

10 Things that happen when your parents don't know how to use the Internet.

7 Urban Internet Legends that left you with trauma.

13 People who are not afraid that the whole Internet will see them cry.

Here begins the curious ...

Today when I was about to make a little ball in a corner, cry of frustration and send my case with Miss Laura, I opened my mail and I found an email addressed to Eslamoda that said:

"Izzi invites Eslamoda to change."

That's right, everything indicates that Izzi people also read Eslamoda and found out about the lousy time we are having with the other Internet company.

Within the mail, izzi invited us to try his service for a period and so we could see the difference compared to the competition.

We found your proposal tempting and with the situation we are living in the offices of Eslamoda, we need a quick and effective solution.

After talking with them we reached the agreement that we would test their Internet only if they gave us authorization to let you (eslamoditas) know our honest opinion when using this new service.

I was surprised that they agreed to this request on our part, they even made us the promise that we will not suffer for this issue again (with this phrase they made me remember my ex a bit) and although at this moment I honestly do not trust anyone, I listen too sure.

It is assumed that tomorrow they will come to make us the installation, all I want is that we can finally return to work with a very fast Internet.

I will keep you updated ...

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