Gifts you can give inside a Mason Jar

These little jars have become super popular because you can do a thousand and one things in them. In fact they are the perfect gift regardless of the occasion.

Check out how you can make them the best detail in the universe.

Beauty kit

A beauty kit will always be well appreciated by the girls.

Surprise tickets

If you want to give away tickets for a concert or match, give them away inside a Mason jar.


We were all at some point the cloth of tears of a friend, if you are going through that, bring tissues in a Mason Jar.

Jar to drink

Customize it and give it to someone special, so when you drink any drink it will remember you.

Memory of the wedding.

Give in these beautiful jugs everything you need to make a cocktel for the next day's raw.

Sewing box.

A gift for mom or for your grandmother. They will love it.


Insert a can and tie a bottle of alcohol. It will be a beautiful detail at your party.


We all love cereal marshmallows. Give a jar full of them, it will take you to separate them from the cereal but it will be worth it.


Insert a photo in the jar, it will be a thousand times more beautiful than giving it away in a frame.

Mini garden

A beautiful terrarium. It looks beautiful on a desk, so it can be a good gift for the office.

Gift for your dog.

If the birthday of the family dog ​​or a friend is coming, you can make a nice and nice detail like this.


It is very easy to do and they look divine in any space.

Tea kit

It can be tea or coffee and place some nice things for lovers of these drinks.

Christmas ornament.

You can make your own snowball or even sell them.


If you are a teacher or you love one, you can give one like this:


It is a nice way to give candy, chocolates or anything edible.

Flower vase.

If you are going to give flowers you could take them in a Mason Jar instead of the plastic they always come in.

Kitchen organizer.

It is a good wedding gift or for those who are about to move home.

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