Your 15 favorite desserts in the size you've always dreamed of

I am addicted to cupcakes, chocolate and in general everything that is sweet. And I thought nothing could beat these 15 exquisite desserts until I saw them in giant size. Now one of my goals in life is to find or make them and eat them without stopping.

Prepare that your mouth will be watering.

A magnificent giant chocorrol.

This should be the normal size of the donuts. So I eat only one.

A creamy penguin in the perfect size.

If normal twinkies are delicious, I don't want to imagine the taste of it.

A ferrero like that for Christmas by God!

This one will not fit in my glass of milk.

Perfect for those days when women need chocolate.

Tomorrow I bake about 10.

This one is a kiss ladies and gentlemen.

Giant egg come to my arms!

One such birthday.

Just for me alone.

My dream come true.

An ice cream sandwich that I hope I can eat before it melts.

Delicious and soft macarons.