15 Ways to transform those ugly wooden boards into something beautiful

Everywhere there are pieces of wood, surely in your house you even have a few crumbs. No matter that they are not perfect, you can still do any of these beauties. Don't you want something like that to decorate your room or home?

If you don't have tables of the same size it will look just as good.

A support to leave losses.

A rule to measure the growth of toddlers.

A rustic jewelry box.

A ledge next to your bed.

Don't lose your glasses or other objects, you just need a board and garters.

Your mirror deserves to look like this.

A bottle opener always attached to the wall.

Christmas decorations

A hanger for everyone's keys at home.

Or a more practical clothes rack.

A creative way to have them at hand.

If your bed has no headboard you already know what to do.

A way to always have your coffee cups at hand.

Video: 15 Great Ideas For Turning Your Old Furniture Into Beautiful DIY Creative Ideas (February 2020).