14 Cocktail dresses ideal for young girls

Many girls have asked us on what occasions it is good to wear cocktail style dresses and today we will discuss this topic and of course we will give you some ideas on how to combine this style of dresses that will make them look very beautiful and chic.

Cocktail dresses are worn in “semi-elegant” social events that are usually held at night. Compared to the long dresses that are used in very elegant and formal parties, these dresses are characterized by reaching the knee maximum and having a more “free” and comfortable look to be able to have fun, but in a formal way.

Something very important is to know that depending on the time of the event (party), it is the color you should choose, since although it is not very common, there can also be an event of this style during the afternoon. In these cases it is not bad to choose light colors.

Cocktail dresses ideal for an afternoon party

Remember that if the event is during the day, your makeup should have a very "natural" style. Wear accessories that make your outfit look very heavy and combine the dress with beautiful shoes, no matter if they are open or closed.

You can wear or not a belt, that will depend on how you think your dress and waist look better.

Remember that the stockings in these cases do not go, it is the perfect opportunity to show off your beautiful legs in their natural color.

Extra tip: Put a very thin gold or silver bracelet on your ankle to achieve your own style.

Cocktail dresses ideal for a party at night

Choose strong, dark and bright colors. If you do not want or do not know how to make a complicated hairstyle, you can always apply the combing technique with a high ponytail (they combine very well with this style of dresses).

At night you choose if the accessories you want very large and the quantity, do not limit yourself to experiment with a combination of colors and tones. The makeup can be a little more detailed and loaded if you wish, apply shadows and outline your eyes to give more impact and combine perfectly with your dress.

With these dresses there are many opportunities to wear those glitter heel shoes and rings that you usually do not wear because of how bright they are.

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