18 beautiful ideas to make your room more feminine

If you have been bringing the “tickle” for a long time to want to renew the design of your room for one that goes more with your current personality, you may be able to like the ideas that we are about to give you.

Your room is the most important place and therefore should make you feel at peace, happy and relaxed. Do not forget!

Believe it or not, it is made with sheets of paper. If you have patience, it is an amazing and beautiful design for your wall.

In addition to adding the classic Christmas lights to create warmth, put wooden shelves placed on the wall and place books, facial creams, bags, etc. Not only will you make it look “cute”, you will also gain extra space to store things if your room is very small.

Today is recycling, so get an old table and paint it your favorite color. The wonderful thing about this idea is that you save a lot of money and also give your room a lot of life and personal style.

There are dozens of tutorials on Pinterest to create these paper cubes, apply the idea and create pendants for windows or ceiling.

For those who have the good fortune of having a room with bathroom, place a wooden ladder to place towels, clothes, etc ... It gives a totally vintage and rustic touch.

If you have no base in your bed, take that as an opportunity to get some wooden pallets, paint them and achieve the image.

If you collect magazines, both ideas are amazing. The one on the left is magnificent for the dining room and the other to be carried out in the bathroom.

If you want to save space, do not buy a bedside table, better follow this tip.

Do not forget that the screen saver of your computer can also function as a "picture" to decorate.

Aww! A boyfriend to give me one like that, please!

Don't lose any more pens and school supplies! Make some containers as simple and cute as these!

Beautiful frames made with washi tape.

Anything for a desk like that.

Take advantage of the walls and buy special stickers for them.

The flowers always give tranquility. Turn any jug into a vase and always place in it, your favorite flowers.

If you have one of these carts, paint it with a spray the color of your room. Don't make it stop with everything else.

Do not throw that guitar that nobody plays or is broken, ask a carpenter to do something like that to have the most beautiful wall decoration.

If you feel you already have everything but something is missing, the answer is in: get a carpet! You will see that with that your room is 100%.

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