10 Things you do when you like a man

Love sometimes makes women very strange.

Surely you will identify with one of them for having made them in love with someone.

1. Send screen printing to your group of friends of the conversation you are having with him.

That's right, in your whatsapp group you end up “selling” the beautiful things that boy and he tells you.

2. When you are with him, you make him believe that you are not interested.

Why?… No one knows. It is supposed to be the opposite.

3. You get angry and you get waxed even if it's not your boyfriend.

It has happened to me so many times ...

4. According to you, you try to make him jealous.

Most of the time he doesn't even realize what you're trying, but according to you, that will make him go crazy for you.

5. You send an “unintentional” message.

Accept it! You have also sent him a message saying “Hello friend” and followed one that says: “There, sorry! I was wrong. ”Obviously this so as not to see you anxious that you were dying to talk to him.

6. You tell all the boys who pretend you already have a boyfriend.

Although it is not true.

7. In the evenings, before going to sleep we spent imagining what it would be like to be his girlfriend.

We invent stories even more spectacular than those of La Rosa de Guadalupe.

8. When they send us a message we do not respond at the moment.

Even if you really want to answer now!

According to you, this will make him more interested in you ... Is it?

9. We scream when they are close to us.

Some defective chip within many of us is activated and causes us to begin to behave in a really terrifying way. This makes us scream and laugh chillingly to get the attention of that man who takes our sleep so much.

10. If he asks you to be his girlfriend ...

You will laugh uncontrollably for no reason (possibly of nerves).

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