22 Luxurious products that I would give my best friends if I were a millionaire

I accept it! I love designer / brand stuff and I'm not ashamed to admit it. The quality of these products makes me want to have a lot of money to be able to have all these luxuries and thus have a more fashionable and comfortable life. Obviously I am not envious and if one day I get to have so much money, believe me that I will share it with my best friends, otherwise I would have no case.

Obviously I would also share it with the eslamoditas, go making me your list ... Which of these do you want?

Collection of Dior glasses, Chanel, etc ...

Everything you want from Victoria's Secret.

A complete kit of MAC accessories.

And from Chanel.

This is a chain.

Iphones of the colors they want (I want this one).

One like this to go to school, what would you think?

To my little friend, haha!

A closet full of Louboutins.

Many Alexander McQueen bags.

Louis Vuitton suitcases to travel together in style.

Who says girls don't like fast cars?

If I gave you a choice of these 3, which one would you choose?

Very pink for my taste, but there is always a friend obsessed with barbie. This would be for her.

A whole day of shopping in Rome.

What's more, I even give you an engagement ring if your boyfriend hasn't given you yours yet. We promise to always take care of our friendship!

Which prefer?

To celebrate at night we could celebrate with Moët.

Or if we want to see even more fancy, with many Ace of Spades.

And for my friends who already have children, rest assured that they would receive some like that at the entrance of their door.

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