10 uses you can give to hairspray

It doesn't matter if you use hair spray or not, as of today you will have a reserve bottle to use it in everything but your hair. Look at the amazing things you can be doing with her and you without knowing it.

Remove ink from clothes

Spray the horrible ink stain with the lacquer and let it act for a few seconds, remove it under running water and the magic will be present.

Keep your flowers alive longer

Just a little will be enough to make your flowers last much longer beautiful.

Protect the works of art of your little ones

If you want to keep forever the works of art that your little ones do for you. Spray them with enough hairspray, do it from a suitable distance so as not to wet them too much.

Keep your shoes shiny

If you have patent leather shoes and these already look half opaque. Spray lacquer on them and wipe clean. Its brightness will return instantly.

Kill flies

Do you have a terrible tino to hit them with the fly swatter? Do not use insecticide because you could get intoxicated. Use your hair spray will fall immediately.

Extend the life of your pantyhose

Avoid tearing, spray them with lacquer once you have them on to avoid breakage.

Goodbye dust on the curtains!

The curtains fill with dust in seconds. Spray enough lacquer all over the fabric, this will leave a dust coat.

Stylize your eyebrows

It will keep your eyebrows in place and give them a beautiful appearance.

Keeps temporary tattoos longer

If you put on a temporary tattoo, spray it every day with a little lacquer, it will last much longer.

Easily put the thread into a needle

Wet the tip of the thread with lacquer to harden and make it easier to insert it into the buttonhole.

Video: Mens Hairstyling. How To Use Hairspray: Is it For You? (January 2020).