Hair colors that fit you better if you are brunette

If you are still not sure what skin tone you have; Brown or light, there is a simple trick that will let you know precisely to choose the right hair tone for you. Hold a piece of yellow cloth or gold jewelry against your face while looking in the mirror and then hold another piece of silver cloth or silver jewelry. Now look and decide which one looks more like your skin, which one fits best.

If it's golden, your skin is warm, brown. If you chose silver, your tone is cold, of course.

Dark skin and dark eyes

The most recommended are dark tones with violet or blue touches, and reddish tones, will increase your sensuality. You can also use light brown tones but not too much, this will give light to your face, use copper brown and chocolates.

Natural black hair

If your hair is very dark by nature, try to choose colors that do not depart much from your natural tone. Avoid the blond ones, they won't favor you much. You can choose from the range of bluish blacks, reddish blacks, burgundy and dark browns like chocolate. They will give light to your face.

Brunette with light eyes

If you are brunette with light eyes you can use all the aforementioned shades, and also venture with the slightly lighter shades of those colors. Your eyes will help them combine and contrast in a beautiful way.

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