Tricks to apply eye shadow like a professional

  • In order for your eyes to be the protagonists of your face, it is necessary to apply makeup perfectly. One of the key ingredients is the shadows, so you have to know some tricks about them so you can squeeze the full potential.

Rules for applying shadows

1.- You have to use three different colors, either of the same range or that combine perfectly. The main shadow will be the one that will mark your look, a darker shadow to highlight the eye and another shade lighter than the previous ones to brighten the look.

2.- Before the shadows touch your eyelids, apply a pre base for shadows, so your makeup will last much longer.

3.- First apply the color that will be the main eyelid on the entire eyelid, spread out with a medium brush. The darkest tone is applied in the area where the eye bone is. The clear shadow goes right in the tear zone, this will give life to your look.

4. Finally apply the eyeliner and mascara on your eyelashes.

Types of brushes

Flat and hard brush

Use it to apply the shadow over your entire eyelid. This takes more product and blurs it evenly and quickly.

Dome and hard brush

This will help you to the area of ​​the eyebrow bone, it will help both shadows to fade perfectly.

Soft brush

They are small and thin, perfect for the tear area.

Don't miss it!

Use masking tape to achieve a professional finish in your eyes. Thus the shadow will not be scattered and formless on your skin.

There are several ways to apply the shadows

Do not stay with just one style. Try them all according to the situation that comes your way. It is the only way to become a professional.

Scale of colors

This is the way the tones should go in your eye. From the darkest to the lightest. Never the other way around!

Use them on your eyebrows

The eyebrows are very important for your eyes to look fabulous. Give them depth and prominence by painting them with the shadows you use in your eyes. Just moisten the brush a little and that's it.

Video: How to Apply Eyeshadow Perfectly. Tips & Tricks For Beginners (February 2020).