16 Ideas to leave your super cool drawers

We usually don't pay much attention to our drawers when we talk about decorating our room. However, they should be the first to change their image, since in addition to helping us a lot, they can become the center of attention in just a few simple steps!

Follow these tips to make them super cool.

Use the separations in your favor! Cover them with the style of paper and finish that you like the most. I recommend you paint the bottom and not cover, to avoid breaking it with the accessories you put inside.

If it does not have a single separation, use boxes to fit many more things.

If you are looking for a more minimalist style, take them out of the furniture and place them on the wall.

Changing the handles will make your design more fun. A good idea is to get old toys or balls (hard) and paint them, then with a glue for wood or metal (depending on the material your furniture is made of) stick them and ... Ready!

Another idea is to use numbers.

The wallpaper goes perfect inside. Even more so if you painted the furniture in a dark color before and put one with neon or pastel colors inside.

Do not forget the sides!

If you need drawers, you can make them yourself with wooden huacales. The trick to make them look vintage is to choose colors that are pleasing to the eye and that combine with the atmosphere of the room or room.

With some abatelenguas you can add design on them.

Your soulless furniture will feel alive again just by putting a little effort and paint on it. Look at a clear example:

Paint it white and give it a golden touch. A very trendy look that will combine perfectly with your room or business.

Do not set limits! Save, buy some paint and send us an inbox if you need advice on how to combine colors or what paint to buy.

A palette of blues will make you feel very calm.

It all depends on your imagination.

You can write beautiful phrases or words.

If at the moment you don't want to spend so much on new handles, use yarn and copy this idea.

Use lace to create beautiful figures. An ideal look if you love the designs of the clothing stores in the shopping centers.

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