Men who are not on my list of future prospects

There are things that men do and that I cannot tolerate. As much as they tell me that it is part of their personality or anything, I simply cannot have them on my list of future gallants.

I will not be able to be a princess, but at least I do not do these things. Argh! They despair me ... I hope there are one or two girls who identify with me.

1. That your "technique" to link is to say phrases like: "Hey friend" or "shh ... shh".

2. That they become terribly obsessed with the gym and start consuming protein shakes and other things. The worst thing about this is that you already know that it is not good to say the word "tacos", since they will criticize you and tell you that it makes you fat, blablabla ... Of egg!

3. Those who despite having more than 20 years, still think that menstrual cramps are an urban legend that we women use to "fake" and do nothing.

4. Those who at parties begin to do stupid things such as: inhale alcohol, behave like cavemen, see who is stronger or who manages to drink more liters of beer in less time.

5. Those who refuse to accept that their beards do not grow well and still leave it. Men, pay attention to me! When it doesn't work out, they look like pubic hairs. I'm sorry but it was time someone said it.

6. Those who don't get deodorant or worse, use one that makes them smell even worse.

7. Those who spit which you call for no reason all over the street. It is really disgusting.

8. Those who take hoooras to do anything simple, such as: go to the supermarket for an errand or lay the bed.

9. Those with whom you are going to have a coffee and instead of looking into your eyes when you are talking to them, they are distracted looking at another table or another person. Worst of all, you know they are not listening to you and they swear they are.

10. Those men who, despite being 21 years old, still have a profile picture of Homer Simpson or any other cartoon.

11. Those who live dressed in their plaid shirt, black belt and shoes Oh and of course, comb their hair with a lot of gel). It is good that it is his style of dress, but many would love to dare to go out one day with some converse and a t-shirt.

12. Those who never wash their clothes and if they smoke, even if they no longer notice it because they lost their sense of smell from cigarettes, they stink of lightning.

13. Those who feel very “cool"And drink energy drinks from the morning, along with a cup of coffee because last night they" rocked "very hard. They don't look like rockstars or sexies! They look silly.

14. Those who make a mistake and are not able to ask for forgiveness. In fact, these types of men are so disastrous that they almost demand that you ask them for forgiveness. Comes out bye!

15. Those who make macho jokes in front of their friends, thinking they are funny. "Make me a sandwich", "Women in the kitchen", etc ...

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