Headboards made by yourself to decorate your room

I am currently in the process of remodeling my entire room and it was just because of that that the fact that I do not have a headboard!

So I made the decision to take advantage of that space and instead of buying it, originally create one with colors that combine with all other decorations.

I want to share with you the ideas that I liked the most, in case you also dare to make a change of look to your room.

The colorful washi tape will be one of your best options to carry out this project. Look at these options.

See how great it looks with ribbons!

Make it more cozy with a white curtain and colorful Christmas lights in the background.

For my gamers girls.

The perfect light to read before bedtime.

Ask a carpenter to join different boards and you take care of painting the lines.

Another option made with pallets.

A good idea to cover the focus is to buy paper wrappers for muffins.

Pendants are also a fabulous option.

The already famous dream catcher should always go in the header. It doesn't matter if you don't have one that big, adapt it or combine it with some other decoration.

Your favorite constellation

As simple as that.

Video: Make your own Showroom Wall with Crystal Tufted HeadBoard. Diy Christmas Bedroom prep! (January 2020).